Dissemination and exploitation

The target public of the innovative pedagogical model developed in the INV project is a wide range of professionals, including legislators, managers, leading professionals and practitioners, such as support staff working in social care, assistants, mentors, etc.

On the other hand, non-professionals may also represent an important target audience, given that the same model and tools can be adapted to community-based services or private service providers, and used for family carers as well.

The supported living and the autonomous life of the intellectually disabled person requires this new professional attitude and the equal relationship with the support staff (social workers, caretakers, mentors, etc.), as described and promoted by the INV model.

The dissemination strategy is aimed at covering the whole range of relevant stakeholders, including the general public and professionals both on an international and a national level. The main target groups are the following:

  • The general international public including international organizations and individuals. Professionals, such as the European decision makers (MEP, politicians), organisations providingsocial servicesand individual professionals;
  • The general public in Italy, Hungary and Spain, primarily disability organizations, service providers, family members of persons with intellectual disabilities and individuals;
  • National professionals in Italy, Spain and Hungary, including legislators, politicians, professional service providing organisations and individual professionals;
  • Professionals of the participating organisation and their partner organizations; managers, leading professionals, support personnel, educators, caretakers, social workers, mentors, escorts and coaches of intellectually disabled persons.
  • People with an intellectual disability are one important target group. Their awareness should be increased by information on the new pedagogical model and the new expectations which regard the. Their good understanding of the relationship between them and their assistants and the characteristics of the educational process, as envisaged by the model, may foster this progress.

The Handbook and the Training itinerary are available textbooks for those, who are going to learn more about the INV approach, methods and tools or for those who would like to introduce the model in their organization or service. These support-materials are available in four languages and are available: from the project partners or from the attachments below.