The right attitude (Hungary)

The video was prepared to demonstrate three different attitudes of the caretakers working with intellectually disabled persons.

The scene of this video is a sheltered workplace where the intellectually disabled persons have dinner together at a specified time.

However, Balázs does not want to join the others and eat together with them.

The video of the Hungarian Down Foundation can be watched on YouTube not only in Hungarian but also with English, Spanish and Italian subtitles.


The professional in the video enacts three situations, mirroring three different attitudes: worried, dominating, and understanding (friendly):

1. "If he does not eat now, he will not have the chance later. I am sure he will be hungry later, because he eats a lot…

It would be better for him to eat now, because he should not carry on working with an empty stomach.

I wonder what he does on his own..."

2. "I cannot believe he can never adapts to the others!

He always has to do it his own way. He should do what I ask for once and obey. 

I do not know how long I can stand this rebellion.

I wonder what he does on his own…"

3. "He is clearly not hungry yet. He is a grown up person who can decide when and how much he eats.

It is none of my business. I also eat when I feel hungry.

If he wants, I will help him talk to the kitchen staff to save his portion for later.

It is not a problematic situation.

I wonder what he does on his own..."

The trainees of the video-session should characterize the different attitudes and discuss the pros and cons of each.