The Logbook is a tool usually employed in all service sectors. However, it is generally used to transmit information that is useful for workers on the next shift, but is ignored as an instrument for collective reflection and training.

The Model assumes, however, that one uses the log as a particular tool of participative observation and shared elaboration.

It shares some similarities with the self-observation protocol – it asks for a description of significant events, and examine them closely. However, while the former is an individual tool whose essential contents can be put up for collegial reflection by the team, only if the individual professional so chooses, the Log is a collective instrument that has to remain available to all parties.

It ought to be compiled at the end of each shift, at least as far as the description of events is concerned; analysis can be carried out at other times without exceeding a week’s lapse between entries. For the meetings, the staff applies the Logbook as a basis for discussion.