Profilo del moderatore (inglese)

INV Focus Group − Profile of the moderator


The leader of the FG should be:

  • A social professional like a psychologist, a social worker or an educator, who has been trained and has got experience on group dynamics nad training of trainers.
  • A different kind of trainer, like a pedagogist or a person with similar qualifications, who has been working with adult training since at least two years.
  • One professional without specific degrees but substantially experienced with self help groups and training


Should we define the concept of PERSON WITH Down syndrome and severe problems or not?

One short definition of a person with Ds who is severely disabled(sDS) is already contained within the application introduced to the Commission: people with DS who have got such huge cognitive and behavioralproblems to be considered as severely disabled.

We could also add that they are people who need a permanent support and care for their daily life and/or don’t have the fundamental skills necessary to autonomously their personal relations.

NB: a question about the definition of who is a person with DS who should be considered as severely disabled should be put during focus groups. Professionals themselves should find and agree about one common definition. The pedagogical model will be designed on the basis of the past and understanding of the professionals about the final beneficiaries of the project. The innovative idea linked to the model is the fact that it doesn’t start from the person with disability but from the fact that professionals must work on themselves.


Which kinds of skills of the person with DS, the professional should be able to detect, in order to design the pedagogical model?

From the application, about what should be observed in order to design the pedagogical and educational model: “It is necessary to develop and promote a new idea of people with sDS , where the syndrome and its recovery are not the focus anymore  and services are not mainly assistance oriented  but education becomes the essential factor aimed at the acquisition of autonomy, planning skills and rights of citizenship.

This means that services should develop an innovative and empowerment-focused approach.

This is the reason why the INV project intends to:

  • make professionals acquire a global and evolutionary vision of the person with Ds;
  • make professionals understand and share the taking care process, as addressed to the whole person and not just to her/his ill component. The professional should help the person  to develop her own ‘personal resources, face difficulties, reset personal relations also by detecting  the evolutionary tasks the person and his/her family have to cope with in that precise phase of their life;
  • make professionals activate empowerment processes and extend  potentialities of the person , in order to increase skills to attain specific objectives and get a leading role in his/her own life".


What has been said above makes necessary not to start from the person with Ds but from the past of the professionals, as itwill be done through focus groups.