Magyarországi fókusz csoportok

In Hungary,  two Focus-groups (FGs) were held for 9−9 participants, by one moderator and two assistant moderators. The participants work in different social services of the Down Foundation and its partner organizations, such as day care, respite care, supported employment, supported living and vocational training.

The FGs were held in sessions, on the same day or two conbcecutive days, focusing on the problems and needs of those professionals, who take care of seriously intellectually disabled adults. Their work is the personal coaching (empowerment, teaching, development) of disabled persons in the course of their everyday life.

The report of both Focus-groups held in Hungary are attached.

The reports of the INV partners' Focus-groups are aggregated and their joint output is used as the input of the pedagogical model and the related training-tools.

First Focus Group in Hungary
First Focus Group in Hungary2
Second Focus Group in Hungary
Second Focus Group in Hungary2