A modell és tapasztalatok terjesztése és hasznosítása

The INV model has been tested and evaluated in Italian, Spanish and Hungarian service provider organisations, and the general opinion of the users of the new knowledge is highly positive. As a result of widespread dissemination, the professionals of partner organizations have the intent to introduce the new model and the Hungarian partner  started with a course on it in Hungary. Dissemination is introduced in details in the menupoint of "Dissemination".

The main target publics of the “exploitation” are

  • Universities;
  • Professional associations and umbrella organizations;
  • Social and educational service providers;
  • Employers of intellectually disabled persons;
  • Organisation whose professionals are in close relationship with intellectual disabled persons due to education, assistance in daily living, working, leisure activities;
  • Individual professionals via adult education and in-service training.

Project partners introduced the INV method in their organizations and are ready to support other organizations with education and knowledge sharing in order to utilize the INV model and disseminate the new pedagogical model and its tools in social care and assistance for intellectually disabled persons. The INV tool-system's primary use is awaited in supported living of intellectually disabled persons.

In Hungary the INV model has been adapted to a wide range of disabilities and the pilot application has been started in 3 supported living facilities of autistic persons. The methodology and the attitude is also taught for parents for family use.