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The Self-observation Protocol seeks to offer an instrument of self-observation and monitoring for the professional. It is useful for keeping one’s emotions under control, understanding them in order to reflect, to learn from one’s errors as well as from one’s unexpected successes, to foster awareness of possible conditioning by past experiences. It is to be used whenever events occur which the professional considers significant or in any case on a weekly basis.

Two versions of self-observation forms  have been developed in the project:

The original version of the sef-observation form is free and flexible, but troublesome for professionals without experience.

The modified version supports the professionals with a list of options, they just have to select the best fitting answer from the predefined ones. Some professionals feel that it is helpful and easier to understand the intention of the questionnaire.

The two version can be applied as consecutive tools, starting with the modified version and switch lateron to the more advanced original version.

Both of the self-observation protocols are attached.