How is your national training going?

Dear partners AIPD has already undertaken the national training of the professionals. It was a success with more professionals than expected. On monday the 17th of March AIPD has oficially started the testing and we are expecting the first protocols from professionals by the end the current month. What about you?

After the national training we have realized that the foreseen number of professionals and services of different location is so large, that we have to organize the trainings and the testing in a tiered system, with a minimum of three levels:

First  level: train the trainers type training for  more experienced professionals working directly with intellectually disabled persons, but able to train and support second level professionals.

Second level: plenary training for all the trainers and trainees. The plenary training will be held in the future once or twice a year in a form of a workshop.

Third level: regular case-disccusions of local team consisting of experienced professionals trained at the forst level and locally active professionals. These local teams can continuously involve new professionals by explaining them the INV modell.

It would be nice to know your opinion on this system of Down.HU!!

After finishing the testing round we came together to discuss the experiences on the professional and the management level.  We decided to start with the application of the model on daily basis in the whole of the Hungarian Down Foundation. It menas that we will aplly the INV model