The new pedagogical model, as designed and tested within the INV project is based on a new attitude of the support staff working with people with (severe) intellectual disabilities (ID). The successful testing has proven the viability of the new model, which is focused on an equal adult relationship between the supporting person and the ID person and on the empowerment of the ID person.  The successful empowerment of ID persons and their development toward an independent and autonomous life is not only a model to be followed by professionals and social service providers, but, at the same time, a message to decision makers and legislators not to disempower intellectually disabled persons and to accept and commonly practice the new attitude.

What is most necessary for the widespread implementation of autonomous life of intellectually disabled persons?

  • Empowerment, coaching and supported decision making for all intellectually disabled persons.
  • Ceasing patronizing and restrictive guardianship and replacing it by supported decision-making.
  • Establishing 'mentally accessible' services and an environment accessible for everybody.