First co-ordination meeting in Barcelona

The first co-ordination meeting  was held in Barcelona, 15-17 November 2012.

The project activities were planned and  the  steps determined for  the nex six months:

  1. AIPD will send out the list of tasks and finalise the the contracts
  2. Report of the first coordination meeting and agreement on the budget: both will be uplowded to the restricted part of the website
  3. The Focus-group tools  - as changed during the coordination meeting - will be ciculated
  4. Participating organizations will start ewith the selection of professionals participating in the FGs
  5. First financial report, by the end of January 2013
  6. Web site design to be prepared by DoWN-HU and published by 18 January 2013
  7. Facebook page design
  8. Preparation of the next meeting's programme and visit
  9. Evaluation plan by the 29th of March 2013
  10. Dissemination plan by the 30th of November
  11. The SWOT of the INV Project has been prepred.