Testing of the Model

Testing (March – September 2014)

This phase of the project has had a twofold objective: training of the first group of 57 “users” of the pedagogical model and its tools and, at the same time, testing of the model and tools themselves, as outputs of the project.

These tools were: 

  • The self-observation protocol;
  • the logbook and the self-evaluation tools;
  • the tools prepared for the intellectually disabled persons: the entrance sheet, the observation sheet and the educational project;
  • the training tools, such as the tales, the videos, the power-point presentations, etc.;
  • tools for the trainers to evaluate the self-observation registers and the trainings itself.

Professionals tried to implement the model, through the adoption of self-observation tools, which were filled in and sent to respective national help desks.  

Partners drafted three national reports about their testing work on the pedagogical model and its instruments.

These reports have been merged in as many European reports.

National reports can be found in the correspondent national sections of the web site.