Training Itinerary

A training itinerary has been elaborated closely corresponding to the Pedagogical model, with the aim of allowing professionals an understanding of themselves as a complex, plural entity in relation to a notable range of contexts and with the Other, who in turn is equally complex and plural and constantly contextualized.

Goals of the training

  • Encourage the exploitation of the Pedagogical Model by the professionals working in services for people with severe disability,
  • Enhance the professional experiences;
  • Encourage the change of perspective and a different vision about people with severe intellectual disabilities, “free” from the schemes by organizational elements and routine;
  • Promote a different vision of oneself as a professional who is able to work from the viewpoint of a “Pedagogy of Opportunity”.

Training sessions

The contents of the Course have been organized based on at least five meetings approximately 7 hours each. Each meeting can/must be re-designed with flexibility based on the relevant information relating to the composition of the group and the level of knowledge.