The Hungarian Down Foundation
The goal of the activities of the Hungarian Down Foundation is to ensure that as many children with intellectual disability as possible are brought up within their own families and live an independent life as an adult.
To assure this, the Foundation provides a range of support services to parents, children, adults  and elderly intellectually disabled persons.
To demonstrate viability , efficiency and sustainability of community based services (an alternative to institualization) we have built up and maintained a ‘cradle to grave’ model system based on normalization and integration and the holistic  principle.

The Foundation’s complex social service-system includes:

  • establishing clubs for families and intellectually disabled individuals;
  • providing an advisory service for parents;
  • first aid from parents to parents from the birth of the child: ‘Down Nanny service’;
  • Early development center
  • founding and organising other civil initiatives, organisations
  • organising conferences;
  • supporting research, development and innovation;
  • establishing an out-patient-clinic: Down Ambulance;
  • to maintain dental centre with anaesthesiology and intensive care;
  • to maintain Respite-Care (crisis-) Homes;
  • to maintain Day-Care Centres;
  • to establish and maintain different types of group homes for intellectually disabled persons: independent life in flats with different scale of help;
  • managing and supporting independent living of intellectually disabled individuals or couples in their own flats (SALSA Programme);
  • to practice alternative education and vocational training;
  • to support and organise training and education for intellectually disabled persons: independents life skills, supported decision making, life-long learning;
  • establishment of sheltered workplaces and support integrated employment;
  • to maintain a complex program for supported employment: ability-assessment, orientation, vocational training, employment;
  • to organise courses, creative studio, theatre, orchestra, holidays etc. for intellectually disabled children and adults, for their families, and also in an integrated form;
  • support of talented intellectually disabled persons;
  • establishment of a music school for children with intellectual disabilities;
  • to support sports by organizing sports programmes, sport-camps, sport-holydays in summer and during the winter-time, regular trainings, sports’ education;
  • training and education for professionals,
  • advocacy and self-advocacy
  • Mental accessibility: to turn the environment useful for all.

Down Foundation −
1145 Budapest, Amerikai str. 14. - Hungary
Tel.: (361) 363 6353; Email:;
Erste Bank: 11670009-07752500-70000009

The introductory presentation can be found in the attachement below, in power point format. A more detailed description is also attached.

Logo of Hungarian Down Foundation