Final workshop in Hungary

The INV project and its results will be introduced for the Hungarian professional community on the 17th of January, in Budapest. As the new development has already advertised and disseminated in several professional events in Hungary the enquiry is large; the number of the registered participants are 120 persons, 5 days before the event.  5 participants arrive from Italy to report their experience with the model and visit supported living services of the Hungarian Down Foundation.

Most of the participants are coming from universities, professional organizations, service providers, mainly from NGOs maintaining supported living facilities.

Date & time: 17. 01. 2015

Venue: ELTE University, Faculty of Special Pedagogy, 1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 3.

Main contents: Presentation of the pedagogical model and its first successful testing in Hungary and Italy.

Programme: see dissemination, final workshops, workshop in Hungary

Contact the national contact points in Hungary .