Adaptation of the INV model for supported living services

One of the priority application of the INV model and tools is supported living of intellectually disabled and autistic persons. In Hungary the model is introduced for everyday use in 6 supported living services of the Down Foundation and 3 facilities of different service providers for autistic persons.

The model is slightly modified according to the composition of the recipients of the services and the professionals of the support-team. The Mainly the frequency of registering the self-observations and the team meetings are varied according to the phase of the service (starting-up or running), intensity of support, preőparedness of the professionals, rapidity of the development and seriousness of problems.

The first experiences within the Down Foundation are very positive, the assistants and care-takers find the tools useful and very supportive, because the attitude in their services is identical to INV's, but the tool-system makes it application much more efficient.

Professional applying the INV model think, taht every level of professional, including managers and leading professionals have to become familiar with the model, to be able to ensure the conditions for the application of the model and the tools.