Residential home in Csengery street in Budapest

In our home 8 persons are living with support. 5 professionals help the residents to live as independently as possible, keeping the house, shopping and cooking, finding a good job and having as much as possible income, treating money, using the bankcard, knowing the town and the public transport, using the local services, the medical doctor, the recreational centres, the cultural programmes.

All the residents have a paid job, two of them work for the McDonalds, and the others in different handcrafts workshops.

Residents of the home make a voluntary work too, they keep the holiday house of the Down Foundation in Dobogókő, at a beautiful place in the mountains. They keep the house and the garden and clean the rooms after the guests.

Several staff members and residents participated in the INV Project, and also on the final workshop. "We are proud of the progress we have reached by the application of the INV model. We have new and new goals from week-to-week, and we – clients and professionals – observe and register the development together and celebrate the success."