Group homes in Andor street in Budapest

This supported living facility consists of three flats in a large block house, quite close to each other. 5 people live in each flat in 3 rooms per flat.

The residents of the flats are very different people, some of them are very young, some of them need a lot of help, and the others, who are able, help them. Every resident have a job, even those, who need really much help. They work in five different sheltered workplaces.

Kriszti Polgar, is the representative of the residents of more supported living facilities, she has high level self-advocacy skills and social responsibiity. She participates on all kind of relevant events and speaks for the intellectually disable persons.

The professionals and the clients participated in the INV project and were very satisfied with the new method, because it was able to formalize and make the professional aware the approach, what they have already applied in the practice for a while, but not so efficiently as it is possible with the help of the INV tools, i.e. the self-observation register and the evaluation tools.

The professionals are working now on the more widespread application of the INVmethod, involving those assistants, who did not participate on the demonstration of the INV model.