FSZK - Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities

The Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd. (FSZK) was established by the Hungarian State with the aim of promoting equal rights, social integration and complex rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Its mission is to contribute to create a society where everyone with disability can participate equally as a full citizen.

FSZK is the legal successor of the Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Public Foundation, which was reorganized as of December 21, 2011 by the Minister of Human Resources. FSZK has more than 10 years of experience in operating with about 90 employees. It runs a Professional Knowledge Centre, works on the systematic development of the support and institution system involved in complex rehabilitation. Further, it assists integration with initiating policy level changes, as well as research and development projects. FSZK also provides a wide variety of training programs and consultancy services.

The professional fields and R&D + I activities covered by FSZK include:

  • Pedagogical development of children and young people with special needs, including program development and school/institution improvement
  • Supporting public services, as well as promoting the accessibility of public buildings, playgrounds and parks
  • Supporting the communication and self-representation of people with disabilities
  • Fostering programs for employment and independent living of people with disabilities
  • Supporting and financing programs aimed at helping parents of children with disabilities
  • Providing training for professionals

In the implementation of our professional programs, in order to widen the social acceptance of disability affairs and by following the principal “nothing about us without us“, FSZK cooperates extensively with disability related advocacy, wide range of organizations and the professional community on national and international levels. Additionally, FSZK participates in a number of national and international projects as well.

The general development framework behind our mission is comprised of the UN Convention, the chapters of the EU2020 Strategy concerning equal opportunities for people with disabilities and the principals, tasks and objectives set out in the company’s Deed of Foundation. Hence, professional programs are implemented mainly in the fields of improving employability; promoting labor market entry, provide quality education and access for all. Moreover, programs are developed to further strengthen social inclusion and participation.

We work together with the Hungarian Down Foundation in the "Eight point" Programme, utilizing the methods and experience of the Foundation as well as the innovative methods and tools developed in the frame of the INV pedagogical model in order to establish supported living facilities for persons with autism.

See also: http://fszk.hu/english-introduction/